Year in Advance consists of two lifelong friends (E & JAY) who forged an incredible eternal friendship that started from MUSIC!!!
The journey started in their hometown of Zebulon, North Carolina then led to Atlanta, Georgia then to the WORLD!!!
Their music goes where the soul goes...Be it Soul,Rock,Hip-Hop,Inspirational,Alternative,Blues,etc..The music takes you there
They are performing artists/writers/producers/all around music lovers on a mission to evolve in words and sound

Believe it or not E and Jay  started out as rivals in middle school...yes middle school...But a convo about needing a DJ for a rap group changed music history forever!!
That bond has led to writing and performing for themselves and as solo artists...As well as writing and recording for other established artists(Play of Kid N Play,David Sea, Kelly Charles,Charles Platt Jr.,)
The two being admirers of many genres of music has allowed them to always be open minded to pure SOUND!!!